What did Sia mean with her personal song Chandelier? On the website you can see various interpretations by people all over the world. Read some of the most interesting ones:

☉ Vision /interpretation # 1

“I think many who have struggled with destructive coping mechanisms such as drugs, alcohol, sex, etc might be with me in what I believe Chandelier means.

It’s about turning towards destructive outlets to deal, whether it’s to forget about what’s going on, to chase the high, or just to feel something, anything, that let’s us know we’re alive. Yet there’s a frenzy when you’re circling the rabbit hole, and sometimes the people around associate us with the “fun” facade they see, an attraction to the energy that’s masking what is really happening inside. Even inside, there’s something pushing us to keep doing it, though our mind and soul are saying, “Stop, when will you learn?”

Sia talks about the devastating feeling of guilt as everything is happening, but the rush of it, the high as we’re flying through the night – it dries our tears and we keep going until we’re lost in the moment – like tomorrow doesn’t even exist – like we won’t have to deal with anything or any consequences, because for now, its’ only tonight. There is no tomorrow, or at least that’s how we feel.

And then there’s the fall….

It’s the moment when we come back down. When we wake up the next morning. When we realize what just happened and the awful decisions we just made. And sometimes we’re in denial about it. We try to run from it like it never happened, but we know it happened – it’s shameful. It’s humiliating.

In the end, it’s like we’re holding onto this rope for dear life, but we’re too afraid to open our eyes and look down because we know we’ll see how bad of a situation we’ve gotten ourselves into. We feel the shame, the resentment, the self-loathing. So we keep our eyes closed and climb higher up the rope, throw ’em back, and fly higher into the night, knowing we’ll feel the same way tomorrow, but ignoring the feeling because we’re in the now – we’re just holding on for tonight”

☉ Vision /interpretation # 2

I heard a theory that it’s actually about suicide and that the line “I’m going to swing from the chandelier” is a double entendre.

Swinging from the chandelier could mean having a good time, nothing holding her down. But it could also be suicide, literally swinging from the chandelier. Sia has had a history with depression and contemplating suicide.

The song deals with alcoholism:
“1, 2, 3, drink”
“throw em back till I lose count”

Feelings of depression and trying to avoid suicide:
“Here comes the shame”
“I’m holding on for dear life”
“Won’t look down, won’t open my eyes”
“Cause I’m just holding on for tonight” (the most repeated phrase in the song).

It’s interesting that the content of the song is relatively dark, but the music itself is very upbeat and hopeful. This could symbolize the facade that she puts on. She wants the people around her to think that she’s fine, that she’s happy. But in reality, she is actually broken.

☉ Vision / interpretation # 3

IMHO the meager apartment with the family pics on the wall, the bedroom with the bed, the kitchen with a table, etc was purposefully laid out…probably from the authors past. I detect a cry in her voice and the auther suffered some sort of abuse as a child and that is why a child dancer was selected to awkwardly dance around as she probably did in both reality and in her mind when she was escaping the abuse. She was probably left home alone often and would dance and dance maybe without any music and was left to sing to herself. The awkward faces and gestures are so sad and out of place like a child that has so much pent up inside and no one to tell anything to but then performs and bows repeatedly a frozen face. No chandelier was shown in the video but I feel like she may be integrating sublte meanings into obvious lyrics. For example, I wonder if the drinking was done by her abuser and she fantasized about a chandalier when he was on top of her, she says “‘I’m holding on for dear life, won’t look down won’t open my eyes” and “gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry”. Of course, many children of sexual abuse become very sexual active and seek love anywhere they can find it, often become alcoholics and suffer major depression so those aspects of the lyrics can apply to the mature child as well. I hope I am wrong but sadly it happens way too often and children need to know they should tell someone the first time they are touched. Thats my real opinion.