There are always comments about things in life. There are even more comments on things in life that get popular. So, there are various comments on a song like Chandelier by Sia. Read some of them below:

☛ Comments/opinions # 1 ☚

From my point of view, Chandelier portrays an attempt to escape from a broken heart through alcohol. The way Sia sings the lyrics “I’m gonna swing from the chandelier” sounds desperate and hopeful. She wants so badly to not appear broken, but instead glorious and happy. She puts on a show, in hope that the show will truly become her life. However, the love this party girl feels from the people blowing up her phone, taking shots with her, and sleeping with her, will not replace the love that she craves from another person, and ultimately, when the sun comes up, she will have accumulated shame, and an engorged sense of emptiness.

☛ Comments/opinions # 2 ☚

I believe this song is actually about the battle we go through every day.

The internal battle between our self and that little goblin. The battle between our self and that little goblin which just insists on covering everything in BBQ sauce, regardless of what it is you are actually eating.

☛ Comments/opinions # 3 ☚

I love this song!! Beautifully sung and written. I believe this is song is a true alcoholics or drug addicts point of mind. Its pretty self explanatory. It’s like a reoccurring thing where you do drugs or drink and like you’re so happy when your messed up nothing can touch you-but ones in a fog. Then next day feel like s*** . Then you got to do it all over again. She’s escaping living her life she’s numbing her pain through alcohol.

☛ Comments/opinions # 4 ☚

“pretty girls dun get hurt!!”so thats suppose to mean that Sia is not pretty! well, i say she is not pretty too, but not for her looks!!!
Suppose she sing one of Taylor Swift’s Speak Now era’s lyric, then she would be a lot prettier than that crappy broad Katy Perry!
I mean being pretty isn’t just being sexy! She can be beautiful and lovely with changing her way of thinking!

☛ Comments/opinions # 5 ☚

Her voice is amazing! The video is clever, very good young dancer! I thought it was a shame though to put such a young girl dressed as if she was naked. It may be innocent, but unfortunately we don’t live in an innocent world. Other than that, she’s a real talented young girl and the singer’s voice is great!

☛ Comments/opinions # 6 ☚

desperately drinking yourself to utter emotional numbness, to break away from the demons that get you again eventually. desperation so consumes the song that lines that are uplifting at first glance like “i’m gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry” sound so genuinely pained, like sia’s even trying to get herself to believe it. she knows it’s a lie that drinking herself to a stupor will make it all go away, that the night is infinite and she’ll fly high on that chandelier forever. but it’s a self-deception she’s willing to submit to. and i think that’s where the song’s power comes from: the acknowledgement of and resignation in that self-deception. she’s “just holding on for tonight”; she knows the night will end and the demons will return.

☛ Comments/opinions # 7 ☚

I first saw the video and couldn’t stop myself from watching It (amazing play and fantastic dance by a young sweet girl, BTW) and after a while I fell in love with the song too and cant stop to listen to It! 🙂